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School started on tuesday and I am already really stressed out about my fall classes. I finally, FINALLY got into the nursing program and am uber excited. The downfall is that I have a million things to do in order to prepare for the beginning of the semester such as getting physicals, shots, uniforms, get my CPR license, equipment, books, and to get ahead on reading books that we have to have read for the first week of class. Right now I am taking pharmacology so it wont have to coincide with my nursing classes and am I more motivated than before but I really just wanted to have fun this summer and cosplay.

At my work right now they are training me to become a server, which might fall through because of the crazy schedule that I will have during the fall..it really sucks because I got my hopes up to make more money to pay for the insane amount of books I will have to get (17!) and now that I just received part of my schedule for the first four weeks of class it is not open enough to continue training.  My manager knew this when I began and the supervisor was like, its different from what you told us. Umm no, I said I had no clue and that I wouldnt find out for a while, hello, just found out! grr! so that process has been delaying my cosplay progress. I guess by August I want to try and complete at least 3 more outfits....guess it will change depending on the work load that I will have from work and from the class I am taking right now.


Its been a long time since Ive updated on here mainly because I forget about this site all the time lol Fanime just ended and I had such a blast! I thought that cosplay was something that I was growing out of but this con just proved me wrong. I wore casual Jupiter, Kallen, and Haku for the con. I stayed with Angela this year and it was so much more chill then the last few years, definitely seemed less stressfull.

Did a bunch of small shoots, ran around the con doing random stuff, met a bunch of new people, and just had fun hanging out. The Flow concert was flippin amazing! I got in right when they were about to start and I was probably ten rows back. Also there was one point where Angela and I did and shoot at like 1am. *Inserts Andy's random mustache picture* haha

Im so sad that its over and really hope that I can go to AX and Fanime next year....damn school.....why must you be so insane! Time to start some more cosplay!

Finally Over

FINALS ARE OVER! Im so glad I can just relax and do stuff that I want to do instead of have to do now. Time to start a bunch of cosplay and get ready for my brother to come home. Im so excited, he comes home on Sat!

where did the time go

I havent been on here in a while except for to check in on friends every once in a blue moon. I am a little over a month into my CC and around 3 weeks into my CSU. I am already tired of the hour commute to the CSU because there is nothing productive I can do for two hours of my day. I have been so exhausted and stressed out because I keep procrastinating and sleeping instead of doing my homework. Cant the semester be over with already?

This semester I am taking Pharmocology, Chemistry for nurses(Orangic, general, and biochem all in one) another English, and History of Ancient Greece. I think after this semester I am going to take a break and spend a whole year working and playing (by that I mean cosplay and such).

I really want to finish the latest three cosplays that I started a month ago but right now I need to focus. Focus focus focus. Time to do some more homework. gah neverending.

Aug. 23rd, 2009

So much has been going on lately and I havent been on here in a while. I will probably update about other stuff later, but for now:

I now love this song xD

Do you want to date my avatar by The Guild


everybody do your part

gah I hate cleaning! My brothers girlfriend is flying in from the east coast tomorrow and I still have so much cleaning to do! Also she is allergic to cats and we have two awfully hairy cats. Not sure how well that is going to work out.

Now that AX is over I feel a little better, I really really wanted to go! Ive only been to AX twice but it was so much fun last year. I am going to start sewing again tomorrow now that I have more free time and not as much things to think about.

it always happens

Sometimes I really wonder why I try and be friends with everyone. I always try and be on peoples good side but that never works out for me.

Next Year hopefully

So Im no longer going to AX unfortunately. I really wanted to go and hang out with a bunch of friends but there is just too much going on right now such as sick family members, finacial issues, and school stress. I really hope all of you that are going have lots of fun! Cosplay may not happen for a while for me...I love it so much but there is not enough time or money. I really hope I can at least make it to the Sac-Anime =_=;;

AX, please help!

Today has been the worst day ever. Last night I went to my friends house because he was having a party and had a good time. Got home around 4am and then opened this morning at 10am. People were calling left and right making complaints and hasseling me. When I was finally able to sit down and eat something customers would come in and the phone rang off the hook. On top of it, today was ridiculously slow, probably didnt make any money in tips >.>;;

Also Im not sure if anyone actually reads this but Im in a predicament. Normally when we go to AX there is around 5 of us that goes and splits the gas and hotel. I just found out that it would only be my friend Ciera and me. Therefore we might not be able to go because there is no way we can afford a hotel by ourselves. If anyone knows of anyone that would have room for two more people would you please please let me know. Of course we will help pitch in for hotel but we simply cannot afford to pay 140 a piece for a few nights. This is pretty much the only way that we would be able to go to AX and I am really looking foward to going. Please let me know if anything is possible, we dont take up that much room.

On top of all this great stuff I found out today, they found three other forms of cancer in my grandpas bladder. He is in the hospital right now and they are going to start kemo soon.

how the heck?

So I was originally searching for my cutting scissors and then found some left over flower fabric. This then reminded me that I still needed to put the bottom of Namine's dress on and so I began looking for the dress. I could swear that I placed it in my brothers room and now for some reason it is missing. Truthfully it did not that long to make but it is really frustrating me that I cannot find it! Where the hell did it go!.......now this is going to bug me allllllllll night. Ugh and I cant find my pins. maybe it is a sign that I shouldnt sew tonight.